Our season runs from the third week of September until mid May. Fees cover approximately 28 weeks of classes, not including spring and winter breaks.


Please to do not pre-write your cheques.  Our accountant will calculate the extra tax at registration.

  • 45 minute and 60 minute classes = $495.00
  • 75 minute and 90 minute classes = $595.00
  • Solos, duets and trios are $400.00 ( you may be asked to pay a studio rental fee ) This payment is made directly to the choreographer. Dancers interested  in doing solos must consult their teachers and must be signed up in a class of that specific genre.


  • A $35.00 registration fee is required per student (or a maximum $70.00 per family) This fee is due at registration and is non-refundable.
  • Costume Deposit: You get to keep your costumes and take them home at the end of the season. A $40.00 costume deposit for recreational classes per dance is required at registration and a $75.00 costume deposit for ballet and competitive classes. This is non-refundable.  Please note, if you are registered in a combo class, a deposit is required for two costumes.
  • Budgeting for costumes, recreational costumes come in approximately $ 50.00 to $60.00, and competitive and ballet costumes come in approximately $80.00 to $120.00.

Remember please!  This is a deposit only! The balance of the cost will be billed to you in the new year. 


 JFK is excited to announce a standard photography fee of $31.50/student – payable at the start of the year. This provides each student with digital high-resolution, professional photography of each group; as well as individual shots. Photos will be taken at the end of the dance year during Recital Dress Rehearsal.


OPTION 1:  One payment including dance and registration fees, photography fees, as well as the costume deposit (if paid in full before September 15 you receive a 5% discount – EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ).

OPTION 2:   Payment through a series of  two (2)  payments, one at registration,  and one January 20th.  The first payment will include the registration fee, photography fees, the costume deposit, and half the year’s dance fees. The second payment will include the balance of the dance fees.

OPTION 3: Payment through a series of five (5) payments, one at registration and the remaining four payments before January 20th. The first payment will include the registration fee, photography fee, the costumes deposit and a fifth of the dance fees, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th payments will include the remaining balance of dance fees.

OPTION 4:   Payment through a series of eight (8) payments, dated the 20th of each month.  The first payment will include the registration fee, photography fee, the costume deposit, and one 8th the year’s dance fees. There will be a finance fee added to this option.

If paying in full, payments may be made : Online through your jackrabbit portal, E-transfer, Credit, Debit, Cash and Cheque  ( All payment plans must be paid by : pre-authorized credit or post-dated cheque )

  • When setting up your jackrabbit portal you must enter a credit card, however when paying your monthly payments you will need to physically sign in and make a payment, we do not process monthly payments for you.
  • If monthly payments are late (after the 20th of each month) we will be manually processing the credit card on file for the agreed payment amount with an additional late fee.

FAMILY DISCOUNT:  Only applicable to those registering no later than September 15th at 6:00pm. Students registering in two or more classes, OR, families registering two or more students are eligible for an additional  family discount of 10% after the first class has been paid in full if fully registered by the deadline.

Family or multiple class rate cap: 

1 dancer – $3950 +gst = unlimited dancing ( $438.88 per month + gst)                                                        

  Add $495 for each additional family member to add unlimited dancing!!!                                                

( A savings  of thousands of $$$)  

* Just for Kicks adults classes are exempt from family rate cap 

Studio Fees are non-refundable without confirmed medical conditions.

Adult Classes

$75/ per 6 week session ( multi-genre classes )                                                                                                                             $100/per month= unlimited classes in ALL Just for Kicks adult dance classes.                                                                             $18/ Drop in                                                                                                                                                                                       $375/for regular full season class ( photo and festival fees may be applied )

Solos and Duet Fees
Students wishing to have a solo or duet choreographed for them must first be registered with Just for Kicks Dance Studio in that specific genre of  weekly technique or group class and have consent of the faculty. Solo’s and duets are a privilege, dancers must be responsible and and show commitment and work ethic  in their technique classes before they will be considered for a solo or duet.  Cost is $400.00 per solo or duet and paid directly to the contract teacher. Payment in full is due on the first day of your solo sessions full commitment is required there will be NO REFUNDS for those who back out of a solo after it has been started ( the teachers time has already been booked). This cost covers the choreography, for our own Just for Kicks teachers.  Anything needed beyond that will cost an additional $50.00/hr.

The Hard Line

  • All parents will be expected to sign a letter stating that they  understand the registration, costume, and administration fee payment requirements.
  • All dancers will be required to have fun 🙂  !!!
  • Anyone missing deadlines for payment will not receive discounts.
  • All parents are welcome to watch their children (5 years and up) on viewing days only.
  • All dancers will be required to have fun while their parents watch on viewing days 😀 !!!
  • Any missed classes by the student can be made up by taking another scheduled class suggested  by the teacher.

Questions about fees and deposits?
Contact: office.jfk@gmail.com or trista.justforkicks@gmail.com