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To Our 31st Dance Season!

The Just For Kicks Dance Studio Mission

Just for Kicks Dance Studio was established in 1988 by Patty Fleming with a goal to create a studio atmosphere based on fun and laughter and build a studio community where acceptance, creativity and mentorship abound.

Our studio’s atmosphere allows students to experience technical training with confidence and success. No, we have not forgotten that dance is an incredible discipline, we just believe that anyone can enjoy the learning. We offer recreational, part-time competitive and full-time competitive classes with one goal in mind; to inspire our students creatively and technically while building their self-esteem.

Not only is it our job to inspire our students, we look forward to each year as they inspire us. Just for Kicks Dance Studio is the place where TECHNICAL TRAINING and FUN combine!  


Congratulations to the following three dancers who qualified as provincial reps for performing arts 2019: Gabriel Fleming, Anjou Sato, Emma Farrae

Congratulations to Caitlyn Quilty & Kayden Gawley for making it into the TOP TEN DANCERS at Shine Dance Festival.

Congratulations to Gabriel Fleming for winning most Promising Dancer and  Joel for winning the Pure Passion award at Shine Dance Festival.

Congratulations to the groups Vogue for winning the performance of the the day at Shine Dance Festival, Great Job to Zombie and Connect being asked to perform at the SHINE charity showcase!  Way to go dancers!