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To Our 26th Dance Season!

The Just For Kicks Dance Studio Mission

Just for Kicks Dance Studio was established in 1988 by Patty Fleming with a goal to create a studio atmosphere based on fun and laughter and build a studio community where acceptance, creativity and mentorship abound.

Our studio’s atmosphere allows students to experience technical training with confidence and success. No, we have not forgotten that dance is an incredible discipline, we just believe that anyone can enjoy the learning. We offer recreational, part-time competitive and full-time competitive classes with one goal in mind; to inspire our students creatively and technically while building their self-esteem.

Not only is it our job to inspire our students, we look forward to each year as they inspire us. Just for Kicks Dance Studio is the place where TECHNICAL TRAINING and FUN combine!  


We have been into our dance season since September :)  Late registrations can still be accepted permitting there is space available in the class. Please contact Margo(Admin) 250-832-9469  if interested in joining.  We would love to have you dance with us :) 

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      We had so much excitement this summer and fall with dance news from our JFK students. Time to recognize  them:

Congratulations to Jennifer Gullins who attended Okanagan Dance Intensive for her 2nd season, Kieran Murrells- Allaway and Aria Idzikzurko who attended the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Josie Weightman who attended Joffery in NYC. All of these dancers auditioned and were accepted into these elite summer programs. Thank you to all the dancers and parents who attended the PULSE  in Las Vegas with us. It was such a fun trip filled with some intense dancing. Congratulations to Sienna Kantymir who was recognized at the PULSE and given a scholarship!  We were so excited to find our that Patty Fleming (Studio owner and director) won DANCE TEACHER OF THE YEAR at SHINE dance festival.  She won a trip to NYC to attend the Dance Teachers Summit. She and her daughter Kali went together and gained invaluable knowledge and inspiration. Patty was also the recipient of a 2nd dance teacher award at the PULSE Las Vegas winning her a 2nd trip to NYC to attend the PULSE teachers intensive  in NYC  2015. Congratulations Patty!!!!  Desire Krumm, after making it into top 10 dancers at SHINE, recently attended the top 10 dancers intensive where she won DANCER OF THE YEAR! Congratulations Desire!  We are so proud of you and your hard work.  Another congratulations to Paige Kirkman who, within 3 days of auditioning, received an early acceptance into the Royal Winnipeg Summer Program 2015. Great Job! Last but not least, we want to recognize the over 100 dancers from Salmon Arm and Revelstoke who took part in our local Summer Dance Programs.  We had fabulous workshops running in both Salmon Arm and Revelstoke with amazing full time and guest faculty from Vancouver.   Thank you for supporting us and the amazing guest faculty we had.     We are extremely proud, not only in the dancers recognized, but in all of our students and their families. Thank you for the support in our studio and in each other :) 

 Check out our Alumni page to find out whats current with JFK students that have made dance their profession.